Chantilly, France / May 13, 2018

Where : Château de Chantilly, 60500 Chantilly

Website :

The birthplace of whipped cream! Or should I say, 'Chantilly'. This castle is fairy tale-like with whimsical towers, turrets, and surrounded by a formidable moat. You can spend most of the day here between visiting the interior of this castle, the castle grounds, seeing the horse stables, and enjoying an afternoon treat in the hamlet. The hamlet is comprised of a cluster of cottages in the center of the Anglo-Chinese gardens. We stopped here for dessert, and I was nothing short of blown away by what they had to offer. It seemed simple enough - strawberry pie with whipped cream (which normally I would never eat), but was told it was outstanding. The whipped cream was other-worldly. Thicker, richer, and less sweet than what you may be used was the crowning glory of this melt-in-your mouth strawberry pie. I paired it with a rhubarb sparkling wine which was slightly sour and offset the sweetness of the pie perfectly. This experience was the cherry on top of an already nice visit! 

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