Fête de la Musique

What : Fête de la Musique (bands and music all over the city)

When : Third Friday of June

Where : Throughout Paris (and France)

Cost : free 

Website : https://fetedelamusique.culture.gouv.fr/

This is a great event that happens every year throughout France. If you are visiting Paris in the summer, this is an ideal free activity that everyone can enjoy. Bands and DJs perform all around the city, creating a very dynamic environment with people dancing, singing along, and partying in the streets. 

One of the cool things about Paris is that you can walk around these types of events with a drink in your hand and not give it another thought. Also, it's not controlled, so you can bring your own drinks or food and enjoy the event without worrying about inflated prices. 

Our tradition with friends is to go to the Montmartre area which seems to be one of the busier areas for this event, bustling with young people, tourists, and locals alike. We usually start at a bar and then walk the rest of the evening through the winding streets. The more you walk around, the more variety you will find. We saw a range from punk rock to Jamaican music. 

This time of year usually has great weather, so typically you can leave your jacket at home and simply bring a back pack of wine or beer and you are set for the entire night. 

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