Mezcal in Paris - Feb. 16, 2019

Paris is known for the many bars and restaurants it boasts around every corner. It can make it pretty difficult to decide where the best places are to go. We try to look for places that are bringing something new, or unique to the mix. La Mezcaleria definitely stood out in that way.

The entrance is extremely discrete, located in the back of a hotel kitchen. We honestly felt like we were going the wrong way, especially since a couple of the wait staff were smurking at us. I supposed that added to the allure! This looked like a typical (and clean) restaurant kitchen with square, shiny white tiles along the walls. What made it different was the white door at the back with a large black cross and 'MEZCALERIA' painted on it. #lamezcaleriaparis #cocktails #secretbar #instadrink

Walking in to the entrance of the bar was not what I expected - it was a very casual atmosphere (in a wonerful way). The wait staff was friendly, but authentic, and immediately made room for us at a table. We got there at the right time because it was quickly running out of room. The lighting was very atmopheric, shining rays of magenta and red onto the brightly decorated walls and wood carvings hanging on the walls.

Their menu was (sort of) shockingly all in English and adorned with racy drink names, including 'First Laid' and 'Horny Cornico'. Not to mention the menu's title of 'WTF'. Racy names aside, the drinks themselves were well-designed and perfectly balanced. That night, I ordered 'Pink Cunty' (entrecampo espadin Mezcal, fino sherry, rhubar, and peychaud bitters) and 'Tiki Me Softly' (koch espadin Mezcal, Clément colonne créole almond, orange liquor, palo santo, and lime)...both declicious and lightly sweet.

La Mezcaleria, 13 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris

Pricing 7€-15€/drink

Full drink menu link

Bar website

Quick walk from République métro

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