Sunday in Paris : Brunch & Shopping - Apr. 7, 2019

As the weather becomes nicer and nicer, and the flowers start to bloom, us Paris dwellers are beginning to come out of hibernation mode! A lot of people ask about what types of things they can do on a Sunday in Paris. Unfortunately, quite a few businesses and other establishments tend to be closed on Sundays, so I am always trying to find new places that are open and fun.

A visitor was in town this past weekend so I booked a brunch reservation at the famous Ladurée Champs-Elysées (75 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris). Until last year, I had no idea that they offered brunch. I thought that they only sold macarons and other desserts. Thankfully, I had made a reservation in advance, because we were able to completely skip the long line!

The first floor of this establishment is very impressive with its high ceilings, gilt mouldings, statues, and intricate light fixtures. A sweeping staircase takes you to the second floor where there are elegant tea rooms all painstakingly decorated. We were lucky enough to be able to sit right by the beautiful fire place. As planned, we both ordered the set brunch menu (currently at 39€ per person). It may sound more expensive than what you might pay for brunch, however it is worth it for the full experience and what you get in the menu. If you went anywhere else for a brunch of this quality, you'll be paying twice or three times as much (such as brunch at the Shangri-La Hotel for a cool 108€ per person, minimum).

Included in Ladurée's brunch is: the amazing interior, great service, and everything on the menu listed below! I believe that this is a great deal. And honestly, it was so much food, you don't need to eat breakfast beforehand, and can have a super light dinner that evening.

After spending a couple of hours taking in the dream-like experience at Ladurée, we took metro line 2 to Pigalle and walked up hill towards Montmartre to get the full boutique shopping experience. I have a few favorite places that I like to go, so I took my friend there. If you're coming to Paris to SHOP, it's my opinion that it's a waste of time to go to any stores that are available 'back home' (wherever home may be for you). Why go to Zara or H&M here, if you can find that back home? The boutique experience, for me, is also nice because you get to experience the actual neighborhood in between stores. In the area we happened to go to it was great, because there are so many things to see in Montmartre.

Here is a list of the shops and sights we saw during our stroll:

18th Arrondissement of Paris

-Paperdolls, 5 Rue Houdon (I bought a dress and necklace that are super cute)

-Héroïnes Abbesses, 7 Rue des Abbesses

-Karl Marc John, 4 Rue des Abbesses

-I love you wall, Square Jehan Rictus, Place des Abbesses

-Paroisse Saint Jean de Montmartre, 21 Rue des Abbesses

-La Maison Rose, 2 Rue de l'Abreuvoir

-Sacré Cœur, 35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre

(Activities lasted from 1:30pm until 6:30pm. Allow 5-6 hours plus travel time to and from your hotel for this day's itinerary)

If you happen to go to these places, let us know what you thought of it!

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