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All recommendations listed below have been personally tested by us. They also fit the following criteria : overall very high ratings from various sources, beautiful interiors (or unique/historic experiences), and good menu selections.  We hope you enjoy these restaurants as much as we do!

34 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris

01 42 96 10 18

L’Écluse Saint-Honoré

A pleasant surprise with an interior that appears to be more of a 'jazz lounge' than a restaurant or wine bar. Tufted velvet chairs with low, round tables, dim lighting, and jazz music playing in the background make for a relaxing and posh atmosphere. The food was simple, but of good quality. It was easy to spend a significant amount of time here. 

*€€, Dinner in February 2019

 *Charcuterie platter with foie gras, salmon with pesto on a bed of potato purée, café gourmand

3 Rue de Castiglione

75001 Paris

01 44 77 11 11

Jardin d'Hiver

This pop-up restaurant located in the winter garden of the Westin Hotel in Paris is a hidden jewel of a secret. Whimsical ambiance, great service, and delicious, classic French dishes. Enjoy it, because it will only be open until April of 2019

*€€€, Dinner in January 2019

*Scallops in a cream sauce, poached pear with gold leaf for dessert

226 Rue de Rivoli,

75001 Paris

01 42 60 82 00

Angelina (tea house)

This tea house is famous for its hot chocolate and Mont Blanc dessert. The hot chocolate literally tastes like a melted chocolate bar! We ordered the galette des rois as we happened to be there on the holiday (epiphany). 

*€€, Dessert in January 2019

*Classic hot chocolate and galette des rois

1st Arrondissement


2nd Arrondissement

57 Passage des Panoramas, 75002 Paris

09 81 83 95 69

Canard et Champagne

In one of the most famous passages in Paris (the passage des Panoramas) you will find an art nouveau style storefront with the words 'champagne et canard' painted on the glass. Simple as the title, but with delicious courses and an extensive champagne menu.

*€€, Dinner in April 2019

*Foie gras to start, magret de canard, various sides including fries and grilled vegetables, deconstructed lemon tart

40 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires,

75002 Paris

01 42 36 45 38

Brasserie Gallopin

A wonderful example of an old-school brasserie. The staff was dressed up in suits, there was table-side cooking for certain dishes, and an original interior. The restaurant dates back to 1876.

*€€€, Dinner in November 2018

*Foie gras, pigeon, and crepe suzette

2 Rue Vivienne

75002 Paris

01 42 86 87 88

Le Grand Colbert

Dine in a building dating back to the 1800s with a gorgeous mosaic floor and other fine details. Not to mention, a very extensive menu with good selections and even better prices (truly a deal for what you are getting). 

*€€, Dinner in January 2019

*Scallops with mushrooms and spinach served in the shells

40 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires,

75002 Paris

01 42 36 45 38

Cube Bar

Throughout the year, one can enjoy drinks on the rooftop terrace of Galeries Lafayette at the Cube Bar. The view is absolutely breathtaking allowing you to see the Palais Garnier, Eiffel Tower, and more. In the colder months, they provide blankets to keep you warm. 

*€€, Drinks in November 2018

*Moscow mule

2 Rue Vivienne

75002 Paris

01 42 86 87 88

Café de l'Homme

Located in the same building as the Musée de l'Homme in Trocadero, you will be floored by its view of the Eiffel Tower. Food was good, service was fast, and a drink can be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the tower. C'est magnifique!

*€€€, Dinner in January 2019

*Roasted organic salmon with soy and honey with king oyster mushrooms and braised bok choy, French mule digestif


3rd Arrondissement


15 Boulevard du Temple 

75003 Paris

01 42 71 77 15

La Mezcaleria (1K Hotel)

If you want to check out a new place in the city that has fabulous drinks, a chill vibe, and no massive crowds, you will want to check out this amazing Mezcal cocktails. Click on this link to read more. 

*€€, Drinks in February 2019

51, rue de Montmorency, 75003 Paris

01 42 71 77 78

Auberge Nicolas Flamel

If you want to be surrounded in history and enjoy Michelin guide food, come experience this charming restaurant. Built in 1407, this is the oldest inn still standing in Paris.

*€€, Dinner in July 2018

*Filet de boeuf (beef filet), déclinaison de carottes, spaghettis de vitelotte, grelots confit

4th Arrondissement


50 Rue Broca, 75005 Paris

01 43 37 70 39

Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole

Built in the 1500s and turned into a wine bar in 1723, this restaurant is quite charming. Just a short walk from Nôtre-Dame Cathedral, this is a place you should have either a drink on the terrace or a romantic dinner within the interior. The food is good (but not earth-shattering), being a mix of traditional French and Italian cuisine. If you go in the spring or very early summer, you will be able to see the flowers blossoming on the vines outside.

*€€, Dinner in June 2019

*Foie gras to start, duck with an orange sauce

41 Rue du Temple, 75004 Paris

01 58 28 18 90

Grand Coeur

Already, you are in the Marais, which is one of the most beautiful areas of Paris. You can dine in their classy courtyard paved with light sandstone or inside the arched structure with a relaxed, but sophisticated interior. The food was excellent and had unique choices. You could tell the chef took great care in everything they made. Worth the slightly elevated prices.

*€€€, Dinner in June 2017

*Lamb shoulder with black sesame sauce

5th Arrondissement


50 Rue Broca, 75005 Paris

01 43 37 70 39

Prosper et Fortunée

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Paris, and one of the very few we have been to several times. If you're a foodie, this is the place for you. Chef Eric serves up a mystery menu of 6-7 courses (while cooking in front of you), and the restaurant only seats 14 people at a time. Make sure to call or email to secure a reservation. He will ask for any food restrictions during your exchange. 

*€€€, Dinner in November 2018

*Root vegetables, scallops, turbot fish, beef served two ways, poached pears, homemade icecream

8th Arrondissement

75 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris

01 40 75 08 75

Ladurée Champs-Elysées

I knew this place as 'home of the macaron', and was pleasantly surprised to find out they not only served brunch, but had an entire floor above that was dedicated to a restaurant! An hommage to the belle époque, everywhere you look is detailed with custom mouldings, gold leaf, and ornate light fixtures. I highly recommend reserving in advance (to skip the line) and to order the brunch menu. An elegant, memorable experience!

*€€€, Brunch in April 2019

*Brunch menu includes : an assortment of mini viennoiseries (croissants, etc.), salmon avocado toast, yogurt with Ladurée granola, fruit salad, freshly saueezed orange juice, coffee, and two macarons


9th Arrondissement

2 Rue Scribe

75009 Paris

01 40 07 32 32

Intercontinental Bar

A beautiful hotel just a stone's throw from the Palais Garnier will have you swooning. The drinks are roughly 24€ a piece, but the view and feel are worth it. You can either sit under the skylight (better for day time) or in the mahogany lounge. We were lucky enough to be there when the pianist was. Worth it!

*€€€, Cocktails in February 2019

*Hisbiscus champagne cocktail

1 Place Jacques Rouché 

75009 Paris

01 42 68 86 80

L'Opéra Restaurant

If you are planning on a night at the opera (Palais Garnier) make sure to reserve an early (or late, depending on what time your show starts) dinner at this restaurant, located within the same building. High quality ingredients and presentation coupled with good service. Bonus - you just have to walk through the back doors to enter the theater when it's show time, which is super convenient!

*€€, Dinner in February 2019

*Shrimp deconstructed ravioli in a coconut emulsion, grilled bass served with red cabbage, for dessert we shared a café gourmand


11th Arrondissement

255 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

75011 Paris

01 48 87 53 34

A Cursita

A restaurant specializing in Corsican dishes, you almost feel as if you are enjoying a meal in someone's home. This is true comfort food!

*€€, Dinner in February 2019

*Corsican beef stew made with wine

16th Arrondissement


17 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Nov

75116 Paris

01 44 05 30 15

Café de l'Homme

Located in the same building as the Musée de l'Homme in Trocadero, you will be floored by its view of the Eiffel Tower. Food was good, service was fast, and a drink can be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the tower. C'est magnifique!

*€€€, Dinner in January 2019

*Roasted organic salmon with soy and honey with king oyster mushrooms and braised bok choy, French mule digestif

17th Arrondissement

87 Rue Legendre

75017 Paris

09 83 64 09 10

Les Françaises

One of the most welcoming restaurants in Paris with an extremely friendly, and playful, staff. The interior is unique because the design is modern and clean but somehow still manages to be super cozy. This is a small plates restaurant, so they suggest ordering several plates among a group of friends. There is an assortment of meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. They also make amazing cocktails and give you a free shot when you arrive at the bar of the restaurant. Keep in mind that the smaller plates are even smaller than you may think. I would suggest 3 small plates per person. 

*€€€, Dinner in April 2019

 *Gravlax Salmon and avocado cream, Roasted carrots, Beef Tataki (my personal favorite), Lamb Shoulder slow-cooked in rosemary, Duck Breast with an orange sauce, dessert : orange cheesecake 

44 Rue Guy Môquet, 75017 

09 83 43 11 11

Les Tables d'Augustin

A small but streamlined restaurant with a chic interior. Tasty options for à la carte and fixed menus.

*€€, Dinner in January 2018

120 Rue Legendre

75017 Paris

09 80 62 17 36

Les Eléphants

An unpretentious restaurant run by a super friendly couple. She is the chef and he is the greeter and wine expert. We were pleasantly surprised at the refined twists made on classic French dishes. Also, they made excellent wine recommendations to pair with the meal. A lovely place to come with a group of friends. 

*€€, Dinner in March 2019

 *Butternet squash soup with smoked fish, game terrine with fig chutney, pork belly and red cabbage, baked apple with crunchy caramel

44 Rue Guy Môquet, 75017 

09 83 43 11 11

Comme Chez Maman

This restaurant reminds me of the kind of food my French grandmother used to make, but with a modern twist! I have been a few times, and each time it is wonderful.

*€€, Dinner in October 2017

18 Rue Bayen

75017 Paris

01 53 81 79 77

Fan Fan (Dix-Huit)

A modern but cozy restaurant that will surprise you. Elegantly presented dishes that have a high-level of sophistication. Recently, it has come under new ownership and is absolutely fantastic!

*€€, Dinner in March 2019 and July 2018

*Beef tataki (entrée), roasted pigeon with Brussels sprouts (plat)

*Grilled cod  with a parlsley emulsion and lomo & leek chips


18th Arrondissement

8 Rue Aristide Bruant, 75018 Paris

01 42 64 95 81

Le Piano Perché

Located in one of my favorite areas of Paris, Montmartre, this ranks as one of my favorite restaurant experiences of 2019. The quality of the ingredients and presentation were so much higher than I anticipated. 

*€€, Dinner in March 2019

 *Gravlax salmon with marinated root vegetables, Slow cooked beef shoulder with smoked Jerusalem artichoke purée

129 Rue Caulaincourt

75018 Paris

01 53 28 00 15

Café Francoeur 

A traditional brasserie with ornate, original architectural details and hardy plates of food. A lively, hip ambiance with low lighting. 

*€, Dinner in November 2018 

*Duck Breast with a honey sauce

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