Saint-Ouen Flea Market

What : Saint-Ouen Flea Market

When : All year round

Where : Saint-Ouen

Cost : free 

Website :

If you enjoy antiques, vintage items, or flea markets, you will love to meander around the markets of Saint-Ouen. You can find anything from old records to jewelry, to furniture from former castles. 

Keep in mind that the market is very large and spreads over a vast area. That being said, it is not in what I would call the safest neighborhood. So, just use your best judgment! There are parts of the market that are not antique/vintage and are simply cheap stuff being sold at very low prices. Don't let this blind you from what lies beyond in other parts of the market. 

There are also many cafés and restaurants sprinkled throughout the market area where you can pause to take a break.

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